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Goode Co. Fish Camp
8865 Six Pines Drive, Suite 100
Shenandoah, TX 77381
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Phone: 281-947-9120
Link: Goode Company Website
Exterior of Goode Co. Fish Camp & Oyster Bar exterior - entrance and patio

Like all Goode Company concepts, Goode Co. Fish Camp & Oyster Bar is rooted around the Goode family’s rich history and knowledge of regional cuisine, and for Levi Goode, chef and owner, this concept harkens back to the time he spent with his father growing up and fishing near San Luis Pass. This restaurant pays tribute to each satisfying part of that process: the excitement of the catch; the experience of havesting and cooking the fish; and the ritual of sharing a homemade, hard-earned meal. This restaurant will feature freshly-shucked oysters from an oyster bar, seasonal offerings, cocktails, along with great music in a lively and vibrant environment and outdoor seating on their patio.

Goode Company Kitchen and Cantina
8865 Six Pines Drive
Suite 100
Shenandoah, TX 77381
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Phone: 281-826-5150
Link: Goode Company Kitchen and Cantina Website
Exterior of Goode Company

Inspired by long days on the Gulf, late nights on the ranch, and the colorful creations of our Abuela, our family’s Houston Mexican restaurant, and cantina bring together the rich authentic foods and traditions we grew up with on both sides of the border. Sunup through sundown, help yourself to menus teeming with authentic Mexican food and smoky South Texas staples, garden-crisp salads and wood-fired seafood dishes that deftly fuse the bold flavors of Texas, Mexico, and Gulf Coast cooking. A few margaritas on the patio of our Houston Mexican restaurant and cantina, and you’ve found your new casa.

1 - 2 of 2 Listings